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"The amount of compliments we got with the music on our wedding day was a testament to how great Sean is as a DJ. He provides professional service that is unparalleled with anything else you will find."

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"This is simple. Sean is the BEST DJ you will find to make your special day memorable. Period.

He is the DJ's DJ - but is also so much more than any other typical DJ. He is a master of his craft. Sean met with us weeks before our wedding to listen to our needs and understand what we want. We had several email exchanges and each time we noticed how considerate he was and how much attention to detail he portrayed. He took down some of my favourite songs to play however he plays to the audience and is very in-tune with making everyone happy - which he did at our wedding! The amount of compliments we got with the music on our wedding day was a testament to how great Sean is as a DJ. He provides professional service that is unparalleled with anything else you will find. We wanted to ensure our guests would have a good time on the dance floor, and Sean did exactly that - somehow he was able to captivate the crowd and play for the entire audience (the young, old and everyone in between)!! Please don't waste your time searching for anyone sub-par for your special day, Sean is the best at what he does and will def exceed all of your expectations!"


"Sean is extremely professional, well-organized, in-tune with his audience and has the versatility to cater to any crowd or event. Sean Stealth had the dance floor going all night and all of our guests were so pleased with the wide variety of music genres that were covered. Whether it is personally, professionally or just being in attendance at a Sean Stealth event - I guarantee that you making the best decision in choosing Sean for your event! Don't miss out on booking this guy for your wedding event - he is more than worth it!"


"DJ Sean Stealth is definitely one of the best DJ’s in the city for any type of event! After my wedding I had numerous guests ask for Sean’s contact information because they enjoyed the music selection and how well he transitioned between songs!"


"Working with Sean was an absolute pleasure. From the very beginning of our conversations, Sean was an absolute professional. He sat down with us and discussed what we would like for our reception. He gave us a lot of direction, based on what we would like, drawing upon his own experience and expertise. The coordination and detail that Sean put into our introductions, at the onset of our reception as we entered the venue, was perfect! On the night of the reception, Sean’s ability to read the guests on the dance floor was amazing. He kept the music going, and the crowd dancing all night long. The dance floor was never empty! We are still getting compliments about our reception and our DJ to this day."


"Sean DJed my wedding in April 2019. It was a large turn out and we asked him to cater to not only my wife and I, but also to our respective families. We come from two entirely backgrounds, which made pleasing the larger group that much more difficult. From the time we opened the dancefloor, not a single one of our guests sat down! Sean consistently read the room and mixed things up masterfully until last call. I would instantly recommend Sean to any couple looking for a DJ who is capable of playing every genre and keeping the energy going all night long."


"Sean did a fantastic job for our big day. First of all, he is very quick to respond. He was able to answer all our questions and accommodate all of our needs for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and of course dance. He is super good at figuring out all the details behind the scenes for our music so that we would not have to worry about a single thing. He is able to read the room and pump out music that got our guests going. He’s everything you need from a DJ and more!"


"Sean is a true professional and so easy to work with! I had very specific ideas and thoughts for what I wanted in terms of entertainment for my big day and Sean managed every detail. There were a lot of unforeseen changes and he was able to adapt and go with the flow to make sure our event ran smoothly. He’s always prompt and is available to make changes on the go. Sean worked with all my other vendors effortlessly and it resulted in our day being amazing! Thank you Sean for everything you did to make our wedding special."


"Sean was the DJ & MC at our wedding. He made our special day so much fun for us, our families, and our friends. From the welcome music to the last beats of the night - and the MCing in between - everything was just perfect for us. Sean is a true gentleman and master of his craft. So easy to work with and so great at everything he does. Our memories of the wedding feel like a movie with the best soundtrack. Many thanks, Sean."


"Booked For a wedding last July. Sean pulled through with his talents, the dance floor was very engaging and lively, he mixed on the spot and supported any requests and was also able to read the crowd well. He was also very kind. Will definitely recommend."

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